Pitching competitions for startups have become quite frequent these days with investors hungry for brilliant and prolific ideas. In Nairobi alone, every other month pitch deck competitions are held and it is fascinating how techie these ideas/solutions are. Recently, Jan 2018, I attended the GoGettaz competition championed by a man I admire greatly and was […]

Customer Experience = Your Brand

Customer Experience = Your Brand Happy 2018 Everyone. As we enter a New Year, how many of you went to an event or the event to usher in the New Year? Where did you go and what was your experience? I had the opportunity to try out Sankara in Westlands. Now, I have never been […]

Market Segmentation: Does One Size Fit All

Market Segmentation: Does One Size Fit All With the changing players in the supermarket industry in Kenya, the conversation most businesses could be having is how to segment the market to improve and increase sales. So, What is Market Segmentation? It’s the division of a market into distinct groups of buyers that require different products […]