Market Segmentation – Tool and Techniques

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Tools and Techniques Used in Market Segmentation Business Marketing Segmentation Segmentation of your markets or customers as a company is very important because, without it, youwill be marketing to a larger segment of the market than you need plus there is never a ‘one size fitsall’ marketing strategy. Segmentation is mainly a way of arranging […]

Uncertain Times: Strategies For Businesses

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MARKETING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES: STRATEGIES FOR COMPANIES AND ENTREPRENEURS ALIKE Uncertainty produces anxiety and anxiety breeds resistance. Therefore, the higher the level of uncertainty, the more likely the resistance blocks any type of transformational effort. There are various reasons that can cause uncertain times in an economy, from war economic crisis to technological disruption as […]

Kenyan SMEs and Social Media Ads

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SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING: It is no secret that digital advertising has become an essential part of most marketing campaigns. Statistics show that at the forefront of digital advertising in Kenya are social media ads. According to a Dotsavvy statistical report done, the leading social media platform in Kenya is Facebook with approximately 5 million users. […]

Faded Fall

Customer Service Week: Appreciate The Customer

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Customer Service Week: Appreciate The Customer Unless you’ve been under a rock, two things happened to the French Grocery Retailer – Carrefour in the last 7 days. In one corner, they will be moving into TRM Mall occupying Nakumatt’s spot, and on the other corner, what hit the Twittersphere was an incident at The Hub […]

Customer Acquisition and Retention

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The Customer Experience If there’s one book that cracked and firmed me up at the same time is [bctt tweet=”Kevin Hart’s ‘I can’t make this up’” username=”mybizmarketer”] It’s a gel of humour and serious inspiration. In one chapter he points out the difficulty of achieving success and that, what’s more, difficult is succeeding consistently or better […]